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Attention: Over worked Chiropractors everywhere who are struggling to reach that next level of success in their practice

Shed light on the mistakes and inefficiencies in your practice that are tying you down and keeping you from achieving your dream.


Learn the strategies and skills that can, and WILL, put your practice in a position to skyrocket.

Your office is operating and you’re seeing patients, but you’re underachieving and you know you can achieve more. You’re weighed down by your work load as well as overhead debt, and there are only so many hours in a day.

  • Is it even possible to create time in your life to grow you business and its revenue?
  • How can you eliminate the confusion related to the hiring, training, and managing of associates?
  • How will there ever be time to start new projects when you’re already swamped with the everyday operations of your practice?


Of course change is possible! I have personally seen this scenario transform into a practice worth in the high 6 figures and a chiropractor with far more free time on their hands MANY times before. You CAN have more financial freedom AND more freedom in your personal life. The life of a chiropractor does not have to involve working 60 hours a week forever, and your ticket to getting up the ladder to success is right in front of you.

The Powerful, Simple Business Strategy of The Chiropractic Associate Mastery Program (CAMP)

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With the Chiropractic Associate Mastery Program (CAMP) you WILL become a master in your trade through the use of associates trained and managed under your standards. im-in-lets-do-this

  • Learn how to expand your personal reach by training associates to work as YOU would.
  • Relieve yourself of some of the backbreaking pressure and responsibility you currently carry.
  • Take part in a program that will change your life and expose you to possibilities you have only ever dreamt were possible.

The benefits that will materialize for you from my Chiropractic Associate Mastery Program will be undeniable and life changing:

  • Create a bulletproof plan so you will never have to worry about your retirement again
  • Double and even triple your income through satellite offices
  • Learn how to find and hire the right doctors to perfectly fit in with your vision for your practice

Not only is this fantastic program packed full of essential information and invaluable resources you need to jump start your career, but it is created to meet the needs of every doctor on any budget. With three different levels of CAMP, there is no reason to not find a package that will work for you and your practice.

Gold Level

Perfect for doctors on a stricter budget, this package includes everything you’ll need to get the career of your dreams started. Includes:

  • Two, 30 minute private coaching calls with Dr. Lee Newman
  • Access to the exclusive, members-only Facebook group
  • All of the work agreements, recruiting materials, business plans, and training lessons you need to transform the way you approach your business and the future

Platinum Level

An amazing offer for those looking to truly invest in the future of their business, and create proactive and lasting change. Includes:

  • 12, 30 minute private coaching calls with Dr. Lee Newman
  • Access to Dr. Lee’s inspiring live consulting event in New York
  • 7 day a week email support
  • Up to 12 emergency laser coaching calls

Here are the essential C.A.M.P elements we'll be covering: 

  • The real truth behind working with associates
  • 4 possible outcomes to avoid when working with associates that can cause failure before you have even get started
  • The secret, almost automatic way to ensure the associate relationship works
  • Key strategies for running 2 or 3 doc single offices
  • How to effectively open, manage, and sell satellite offices
  • How to fully utilize associates to create your dream lifestyle
  • The "insider" secrets to creating the perfect buyer for multiple offices
  • Breakthrough solutions for preparing for retirement
  • How to put together your own vision, mission statement, and goals
  • The 4 successful elements of selecting the right doctor to work with
  • Solutions to find, screen and hire the absolute best candidate
  • The special places to find the right doctors so there are no surprises in the hiring process
  • Why it's essential not to re-invent the wheel
  • The most effective and risk free ways to define the relationship, deal with benefits, pay associates and avoid competition through written agreements so you are protect first and foremost
  • Powerful training systems for DC associates before, during and long after they no longer work for you
  • How to guarantee they are skilled in marketing, retention and collecting. No matter what your goal is in your practice or your personal life. The associate program removes all the risk of malpractice, theft, employment related issues and abandonment as everything has already been tested to work (See testimonials below for proof)
  • How to promote the very best out of your associates through motivation and meetings
  • Exactly what you need to see daily, weekly and monthly through reports
  • Ways to professionally nurture the social aspect of your relationship with each associate
  • When it's safe to open a satellite office to increase the chances of the associate being successful and wanting to buy it, and when it’s not.
  • How to double even triple your income with satellite offices without spending a cent
  • Ways to make satellite offices generate crazy profit in the shortest time possible
  • 7 Reasons why you should absolutely sell satellite offices for cash
  • #1 skill you must know and master if you want to maximize your profits and minimize your efforts

Just imagine... 

  • No longer losing sleep over losing money when you don't work
  • No longer chasing the numbers, 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year by yourself
  • No longer being capped at a certain number of patients per week
  • No longer being confused about hiring, training, and managing associates
  • No longer regretting that your missing out on important family and personal time


Are You In Need Of A Golden Parachute?

parachuteHave you practiced for over thirty years and is your practice one of your largest assets?  Would you like to extract the most equity from your practice and maintain the right to continue to practice on a reduced schedule? Or, are you done and want to move to Florida and completely retire? The Chiropractic Associate Mastery Program can teach you how to successfully transfer your practice to the best possible doctor so that your legacy will continue, you will receive the equity you deserve, and your associate doctor can become a leading doc just like you. It's truly a win-win-win plan. Dr. Lee offers a selection of coaching packages to best suit your needs with tons of real-world advice and insights. No matter what your goals are, the proven strategies of Dr. Lee will take your practice to where you want it to be, and beyond what you ever thought was possible!

GOLD Level Chiropractic Optimization Program

This package provides you with 6 hours of private coaching with Dr. Lee, as well as email support and online access to the information and resources that he has gathered throughout his 28 years of experience in the business. It's the perfect place to start as the GOLD package will provide you with everything you need to achieve greater success while optimizing your business and reducing your learning curve.

PLATINUM Level Chiropractic Optimization Program

With an amazing value offer, you can go deeper and get faster results with the Platinum package. With added access to Dr. Lee's inspiring live consulting event in New York, plus 7-day-a-week email support, bonus emergency laser coaching calls, and an audit of your business' website, this program is ideal for building your business for better efficiency and profits! And is our most recommended choice! And here are even more reasons to go deeper!

DIAMOND Level Chiropractic Optimization Program

Hands-down the Diamond package is your greatest opportunity for success. With an incredible 24 hours of personal coaching calls with Dr. Lee, unlimited emergency laser coaching calls and full access to programs, including 2 full days at the New York live face-to-face consulting event, this program is for the uber-ambitious chiropractor who doesn't want to leave anything on the table. If you want to go 'all in' and gain the most success in your business and life, this is the coaching program for you! With a 100% money back guarantee, there is nothing to lose! Purchase your chiropractic optimization program today to begin your path of ultimate chiropractic practice success!

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Just Listen To What Other Successful Chiropractors Have Had To Say...

Thanks Dr Newman for this transformation in my life

Straight out of school I began working as an associate. I followed the steps and did what it took to own the practice of my dreams in June 2004. Dr. Newman has not only successfully helped me hire, train and manage new associates, open manage and sell multiple clinics, but has also given me the strategies for debt reduction, wealth accumulation, and a system that allows me to run my officers from anywhere in the world! Thanks Dr Newman for this transformation in my life... Oh yeah, and my wife Toni says thanks too! Dr Darren - Washington

...allow me to have a "set" structure

Trying to balance the roles of owning a clinic, being a clinician on a daily basis ( and seeing a high volume of patients) and trying to develop associates, and multiple offices was really difficult. I started having Dr. Lee work on coaching my docs and I believe it's allowed me to develop better associate doctors with faster results. I get to focus on practicing and business development and I find that the weekly calls with Dr. Lee allow me to have a "set" structure and be able to check in with my docs and manage them better without having to do the major coaching work. Additionally, my docs know they have access to him whenever they may be facing a particularly challenging issue. Most recently he was really helpful when in the end phase of selling my satellite clinic, my owner to be was having difficulty negotiating a fair lease agreement. He got her to a good point and she was able to seal her deal. So I can serve more patients both directly and through others, enjoy a real balance in my life and love everything that I do Dr. Shannon - Pennsylvania

And Look At This: Here's Where It Gets Even Better...

I'm so positive, so sure, so ridiculously confident that this program WILL get you the results that you desire, that I'm willing to let you try it risk free before you decide if you want to keep it. Here's how it works...

Access Everything Without Risk!

guaranteePut our statements to the proof test by taking advantage of our 30 day program - risk free. Should you feel that "The Chiropractor Associate Mastery Program" did not measure up to your expectations, you may contact us at any point within 30 days and you will receive a 100% refund. No questions asked. If you feel that this is a fair and reasonable proposition and this is the kind of information you'd like to get your hands on... now you can, without risk! The only reason we can make such an ironclad, 100% money back guarantee is because we know that the information you are about to receive will help you achieve more money, more patients while doing less work. Whether you’re just starting out, or ready to bring on associates and take your practice to the next level, our Chiropractic Assistant Mastery Program packages can cater to your needs. With three options to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find a program that will cater your coaching needs.

Order The Chiropractor Associate Mastery Program Now And Get Limited Time Savings!

It's simple, just click here:im-in-lets-do-this You can gain access immediately the entire program, even if it's 3 a.m. in the morning!

  • Streaming Video Lessons with Transcripts
  • Live Monthly Webinars Covering A Camp Lesson
  • Basic Associate Work Agreement
  • Satellite Office Work Agreement
  • Business Strategy Plan
  • Practice Sales Agreement
  • Interview Package Attendance to the November 11th, 2014 CAMP One Day Boot-C.A.M.P. in NYC
  • Unlimited Access to Articles and Resources

Don't wait until it's too late, this price is only available for a limited time! You will be downloading and accessing the coaching and learning from this breakthrough program within just a few minutes... and using it to leverage your chiropractic success!  Please, don't procrastinate and put this decision on the back burner. If you're burnt out, overworked, overwhelmed, confused about hiring, training and managing a new associate, you can change that now. If you want to successfully leverage the efforts of others without risk so that you can work less, make more money, and serve more patients... don’t wait to act. Save the time, effort, and frustration. I've already spent the time and money discovering what works with the Chiropractic Associate Mastery Program.  Click the order link right now, get the program instantly and start on the path toward a smarter, happier, and more profitable practice. ready-to-register Sincerely, Dr. Lee Newman P.S. You'll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to start leveraging your current success and getting past the challenges you are facing in your successful practice with "The Chiropractic Associate Mastery Program". And the best part is: You can check everything out for FREE if you choose... without any risk! as you are protected by a complete 30 day money back guarantee.