A Seasoned Chiropractor With Deep Experience And Topical Expertise Who Lives The Dream

Dr. Lee A. Newman is a second-generation DC, who graduated in June of 1986 from Life University; Marietta, GA.

Dr. Newman ran one of Pittsburgh, PA’s most successful chiropractic practices from 1986-2010, averaging over 45 new patients and 1200 visits a month. He has worked with dozens of associate doctors and hundreds of clients across the county, in his attempt to reach more people to share his Chiropractic success story and currently owns and manages three offices in Western PA and one in New York City.

Since 1997 Dr. Newman has been integrally involved in the development of 15 “satellite” offices and eleven of his chiropractic associates have gone on to own their own chiropractic practices.

Dr. Newman has been exposed to, and immersed in, the world of Chiropractic success since an early age. This early exposure gave Dr. Newman unique insights; and as a naturally strategic thinker he has been able to distill the strategies, tools and systems that help DC’s increase their reach, freedom and profits.

You can experience the same high level success with Dr. Newman’s Chiropractic Associate Mastery Program (CAMP). When you take advantage of Dr. Newman’s business coaching advice to learn how to successfully integrate a chiropractic associate  into your practice and leverage your largest asset, your practice, you can ultimately serve more patients, improve profits and create true work-life balance.

As a recent guest on The Chiropractic Philanthropist podcast, Dr. Lee provided loads of invaluable information for chiropractors everywhere. Listen to the entertaining and enlightening interview here: